Why pellets?

The wood pellets are compressed under high-pressure sawdust.

The final product has a 6-8 mm diameter and moisture content up to 8%. From consumer’s perspective, the pellets are extremely convenient fuel, with great options for storage and regulation of the burning process.

Unlike other types of solid fuel, the pellets are easy to work with and the ash residue is minimal. The thermal comfort that is produced is no different from that of the natural gas.

The long term perspective of this kind of fuel is to become less expensive than the natural gas.

Available in packages of 15kg is making it convenient for loading in the fuel bunker of your fireplace or water-heating boiler.


National 7's pellets:

 For comparison: the burning of 2kg palettes is equivalent to 1l disel  
  • hideWood without chemical alloys
  • hideDetached heat 4,9 kWh/kg
  • hide1000kg pellets occupy 1,5m³, а 1м³ е 650кг
  • hideDiameter 6mm
  • hideLength up to 35mm
  • hideWater content <8%
  • hideAshes after burning up to 0,5% of initial weight

The calculations given in the example are made for average daily load of 8 hours, 31 days a month for 8kW daily load sufficient to heat an average family house with 80m² living area (200m³ heated volume)..


FuelCalorific valueEfficiency of the boilerPrice of fuelSpecific cost of heatHeating costs for 1 month
3,72 kWh/kg 70% 150,00 lv/t 0,058 lv/kWh 157,1 lv/month
Firewood 3,14 kWh/кг 70% 145,28 lv/t 0,066 лв/kWh 180,3 lv/month
Electricity 1,00 kWh 99% 0,171 lv/kWh 0,172 lv/kWh 470,6 lv/month
LNG 9,01 kWh/m³ 90% 804 lv/1000 nm³ 0,099 lv/kWh 270,5 lv/month
LPG 12,80 kWh/kg 90% 2 101,56 lv/t 0,182 lv/kWh 497,5 lv/month
Diesel 11,63 kWh/kg 88% 2 057,41 lv/t 0,201 лв/kWh 548,4 lv/month
Industrial oil 10,98 kWh/kg 88% 1 900,29 lv/t 0,197 lv/kWh 536,6 lv/month
Wood pellets 4,88 kWh/kg 88% 380,00 lv/t 0,074 lv/kWh 241,2 lv/month


The table above shows that heating with lignite and firewood is cheaper, but lignite excrete a large amount of ashes (on delivery, while loading the fireplace, after combustion) and the firewood has many additional operations (cutting, splitting, sorting, frequent refuelling of the fireplace).


The pellets are used as an easy, convenient and clean type of fuel in modern, fully automated boilers. The ease of use is comparable to that of fuels such as diesel and natural gas, but at a much LOWER cost!

The pellets produced by National 7 are made out of fresh beech wood, which guarantees 100% combustion and a minimal amount of ash.


Advantages when using palettes:

  • hidedoes not require additional wood and/or accelerants
  • hidecontrolled by a single push of a button
  • hideautomatic feeding of the pellets into the combustion chamber
  • hidecleaning of residual ash once a year

 Pellets are also suitable for interior fireplaces, creating unique ambiance and romantic atmosphere.

About National 7

The management of National 7 enhances daily training of the personnel and the quality of the process. The enterprise has a production capacity of 20 000 tons per year and ranks high among producers of pellets, both in Bulgaria and in Europe.

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